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At Gideon Math & Reading Center, our goal is to ensure successful futures for children by getting their education on track at a young age. We’d like to think everyone is a lifelong learner, but we also know the academic journey can sometimes feel like a never-ending race. As with any journey, there are inevitable ups and downs. Year after year, it can be difficult for both parents and children to maintain a positive attitude about education. Let’s talk about 3 ways you can make this journey more enjoyable and create a positive attitude in education

1. List your goals

This is something both you and your learner can do. When the race starts to get that “never-ending” feeling, a list of tangible goals can provide a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment. Working toward something—such as finishing the next chapter in a book—feels better than just slogging toward a loftier goal, and accomplishing something builds confidence and motivation to get to the next level.

2. Set boundaries

If the academic journey is a race, it’s more of a marathon than a sprint. Working too much too fast can lead to burnout and fatigue, which can prolong the journey further. Setting boundaries is an important skill to teach at a young age. Create separate spaces for learning, playing, eating, and sleeping. Create a schedule for when school work gets done, and stick to it.

3. Don’t be afraid to have fun

Learning shouldn’t feel like a chore; it should be enjoyable. Your brain also makes stronger associations and memories when you’re having a good time. To maintain a positive attitude in education try to incorporate your child’s favorite activities into their learning. If your child enjoys music, come up with songs to help them memorize the material. If your child likes drawing, let them illustrate their ideas on paper. Laughter and smiles aren’t necessarily a sign of too much fun. They can also indicate that your child is creating a memorable learning experience.

One final student success tip: it’s impossible to have a positive attitude 24/7. Don’t punish your child when they’re feeling defeated. Tell them it is okay to have doubts and to feel overwhelmed, and encourage them to take a break and come back to challenging work later on. You can find more of our tips and tricks here, and we wish you happy learning!