Here’s the latest item for your checklist.  It is such an important, crucial step that we want you to just focus on it this week.

Here are the 1st and 2nd sections of the checklist if you’d like to review.

6) Be patient with new concepts and/or repetitions of booklets. Repetition, if necessary, is so important to prepare for more advanced learning as well as standardized testing.  While mastering a skill, sometimes extra practice is needed.  Does anyone become proficient scoring soccer goals during the first practice?  Likely not! Addition facts should be treated the same way.  Mastering a skill with confidence is different than simply understanding how to do it.  While you may become frustrated if your child struggles to make the time or mistake standards, remember we are solidifying the foundation of this ‘house’.  We cannot build the second floor if the first is not finished.  The entire structure could collapse later.  To help speed things along, you can do extra oral fact drills. It is vital to home grade and have your student complete corrections before the next day’s work.

Some students may want to stop the program when the work becomes more challenging.  This is the most important time to encourage and persevere. It is better to learn and master new topics at Gideon to stay a step ahead with no school grades or pressure.

Why Master Lower Levels?