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Early Basics

The Gideon Math program is designed to achieve mastery of basic math and computational skills. Mastery equals confidence, speed, and accuracy. The program consists of over 180 weekly booklets arranged sequentially from beginning number sense and basic math skills through high school algebra and geometry. Our tutoring starts with Beginning Math booklets that focus on number recognition for numbers 1-500. Exercises include counting, number tracing, sequencing, next number and number before concepts, and place value. Fine motor activities guide the young learner in proper number formation. Colorful graphics make these exercises fun for our students! Early concentration skills are encouraged in these booklets. These children are being prepared for their next step at our math learning center: addition.

Finding Before and After Numbers
Counting Objects
Place Value
Larger/Smaller up to 500


The Gideon Math program is designed to achieve mastery of basic arithmetic and math skills. Mastery equals confidence, speed, and accuracy. Weekly booklets are arranged sequentially from beginning number sense through high school geometry. Basic arithmetic booklets range from simple addition through fraction work. To calculate efficiently, it is important to know the basic facts. At our math learning centers, calculation skills are practiced until real mastery is achieved. The student is required to not merely understand how to perform an operation, but rather must “own” or internalize each new concept before advancement. Learning to compute mentally is an essential skill. Preparation for high school is a must! The individualized pacing at Gideon math learning centers benefits children of all ages and abilities while improving their concentration, developing better study skills, and increasing their confidence. Additionally, our drill booklets have a QR code on the cover which when scanned leads to a video on our Youtube channel with further explanations and examples.

Addition Patterns
Ungrouping in Subtraction
Vertical Multiplication 2x2 and 3x2
Unlike Denominators

Oral Facts

Reciting answers quickly to basic arithmetic facts is an integral part of the Gideon Math program. When participating in basic math skills tutoring, being able to say the answer to a simple problem like 7 + 6 is more of a challenge than one might realize, but for faster progress through our curriculum this elementary exercise is so important. Just a few minutes of practice each day will result in a happy and confident student. Finger counting and careless errors will stop, and homework will not be such a chore. This work is like timed flash cards. At our renowned math learning centers, we believe that mastery equals confidence, speed, and accuracy. “Overlearning” these facts in elementary school will help your child develop into an excellent student who enjoys this subject for a lifetime.

Addition Facts
Subtraction Facts
Multiplication Facts
Division Facts

Word Problems

Knowing your basic arithmetic facts is the first step to becoming a good math student. But to become a great student, you need to also be able to apply that skill when comprehending word problems. Having a solid understanding of all grade level concepts is an important part in mastering this subject. At Gideon’s math learning centers, children prepare for the state standardized testing all year long. We want our students to be ready, relaxed, and confident at testing time.

Telling Time

Advanced Math

Success in advanced math is dependent on a strong foundation in the arithmetic basics and fractions. When a Gideon student enters these levels, he is prepared and ready for the challenging work ahead. Our higher math curriculum begins with Decimals and Percents and continues with Pre-Algebra tutoring. Concepts such as perimeter and area, negative numbers, ratios and percentages, the metric system, and probability are included. This work is mastered through many practice calculation and application problems.

Metric and Standard Units
Basic Exponents and Scientific Notation
Order of Operations

Algebra I and Geometry

A strong knowledge of algebra basics is essential for success in high school. This subject is the gateway to all upper level classes. A weak foundation here could result in difficulties for years. Algebra is a demanding subject for many students. But with proper preparation, this algebra and geometry tutoring class will introduce your child to higher level thinking skills she will use for a lifetime. Geometry completes our math program at Gideon. This high school subject is also filled with many algebraic concepts; therefore, mastery of previous studies is imperative.

Solving Trinomials
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Gideon Method
Gideon Reading Program