Welcome!  We are so glad you have chosen Gideon to achieve your child’s math and reading goals.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sending you items from our 10 Secrets to Gideon Success Checklist.  These will help your child make the BEST progress and gain the MOST confidence in math and reading.  Let’s get started!

1) Come to class once or twice a week.  We need to monitor your child’s progression, answer any questions, make sure all corrections are understood, and provide encouragement to you and your family.  We are your support system.

2a) Do the Gideon homework each day.  Make Gideon a priority before scheduling TV time or other activities. Gideon works best when the booklets are done at home five days and at the center two days each week.  Gideon is very much like piano practice.  Your child’s progress depends on this daily routine.  Taking days off on a regular basis will hamper advancement.  The recommended number of pages is clearly marked on the cover for each booklet.  Please ensure the work has actually been done.  Be consistent!

2b) Grade your child’s math drill work that is done at home each day.  Then ensure the child has corrected any mistakes afterwards.  Homegrading is quick and easy with our provided answer keys in the middle of each booklet. This gives your child the immediate feedback to learn from mistakes by doing corrections while the problems are still fresh. Students tend to be more focused and accurate knowing their work will be graded afterwards. Also, this is a good way to monitor and show interest in your child’s Gideon progress. (All other booklets will be graded at the center.)

3) Listen to your child read letter names/sounds or their oral reading lists.  Young reading students in Codebusters or Word Builders will need your attention while they are learning letter names and sounds or sounding out words. If they say the letter or word incorrectly, do not immediately give the correct answer.  Instead, simply ask them to try again a few times before helping them with an answer.  This gives your child the immediate feedback to learn from mistakes by doing corrections while the words are still fresh.  Also, have your child reread aloud the storybooks sent home that were done in previous classes.  These are books your child can read and comprehend all by themselves!