Here are the last 2 items on our math checklist. Here are the previous sections of the checklist to review: Just do it – Every day! / Details Matter / Practice Makes Perfect / Parents, Keep Calm and Carry On.

We have witnessed that through daily, disciplined effort with the Gideon curriculum, there are no limits in a child’s capacity to learn.  Our goal is to take every child beyond grade level.  Believe in your child.  He will amaze you with what he can accomplish.

The possibilities are endless when you build confidence through mastery learning.

9) Avoid or eliminate breaks.  The key to speedy progress is doing the work EVERY day with no breaks between months. Taking one day off here and there will not make much difference, but taking three days off will slow the momentum. Think what three weeks or months will do.  Take work on vacation and do extra while on the plane to enjoy a Gideon-free day at Grandma's.
While we do not have any required contracts, consider Gideon like piano lessons.  While you will see some progress in 1-2 months with daily work, vast changes will be apparent after 6-12 months.  Stay several years as most clients do, and your child will AMAZE you!

10) Create a Gideon lifestyle.  Every day we have breakfast is a day we do Gideon right afterwards.  Find a good time to do Gideon that is unlikely to interfere with other activities.  In the summer, we recommend mornings to avoid afternoon fatigue from the heat.

Create if-then statements.  If Gideon is not done, then we cannot watch TV or play with friends.  Prioritize it above other activities that will not impact your child's long term goals.  While sleep is more important than Gideon as it is essential to good health, should baseball be?  Will baseball abilities be critical in adulthood?  Sports are great fun and exercise, but do not let their schedules limit your student's education.

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