Southlake Math & Reading

Building Confidence Through Academic Mastery
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Building Confidence Through Academic Mastery
Schedule EvaluationProgram Info

Our math skills and literacy centers are now open for regular in-person classes with experienced reading and math tutors! America's top learning support center also offers ONLINE alternatives.

We are enrolling new students right now!

Our method uses pencil & paper.

Less screen time is better for everyone, and writing by hand creates better memorization.



Our system gives you structure.

All our booklets are sequenced in a step-by step layout with mastery standards.



Gain real academic progress.

Use all this extra time at home to make excellent strides in math and reading while school is disrupted.

Southlake Math & Reading

2001 W. Southlake Blvd., Suite 135, Southlake, TX 76092

Gideon Math & Reading Center in Southlake is located on the SE corner of Davis and Southlake near Hobby Lobby.

Southlake Math & Reading

Weekly Schedule

Regular Class Hours – Updated August 2021

Monday: 4 PM – 7 PM

Tuesday: 4 PM – 7 PM

Wednesday: 4 PM – 7 PM

Thursday: 4 PM – 7 PM

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: 11 AM – 1 PM

Sunday: CLOSED

New student placement evaluations are done by appointment. – LINK

Monthly Pricing

2:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

  • Math: $200/month
  • Math Extended (4th grade and up): $275/month
  • Reading: $205/month
  • Extended Reading (4th grade and up): $275/month
  • Math & Reading: $310/month

Registration Fee: $60/student

There are no long-term contracts, only month to month.

Prepay Specials (non-refundable):

  • Pay 4 months in advance to receive a one-time $30 discount per subject.
  • Pay 8 months in advance and receive the 9th month 50%.
  • Prepays are non-refundable.

At what age can my student start attending?

  • We work with students aged four and up who are able to focus for 10-15 minutes.

How many times a week will my student come to the center and for how long is each visit?

  • Most students attend twice a week for center visits and complete Gideon assignments at home the other days. However, you can come once a week or request extra classes for an additional fee.
  • Each center visit is typically 20 - 30 minutes per subject to do individual daily assignments, complete any old corrections, and review new material.  A Gideon instructor will be at the table with the students to assist as needed.  We maintain a 2:1 student to teacher ratio for Young Learners (aged 4-8) or 4:1 ratio for Independent Learners (aged 9 and up).

What level of work will my student be doing?

  • During the free placement evaluation, we will find a 'just right' point in the Gideon curriculum based on what skills your student shows as mastered in order to fill any holes and gaps in his foundation.  Read more about the importance of mastering lower levels HERE. Download a full curriculum listing HERE.
  • Our goal is to build confidence through mastery with progress right from the start to encourage focus and concentration. 

Does Gideon work with students with learning differences such as dyslexia?

  • Yes, the Gideon program works well for most students, including those with learning differences.  While school must continue on its schedule, we have the luxury to allow the student to set the pace and do any extra practice needed to truly master each level.  If your student has dyslexia, read THIS to find out why Gideon is a good solution.

Does Gideon work with students with special needs such as autism?

  • Yes, the Gideon program works with many special needs students.  We can evaluate further if Gideon is a good fit when we meet your student during the free placement evaluation.

How do we get the MOST out of Gideon?

  • Simply doing the daily work consistently will result in great progress, but review these tips for parents HERE.

Let's get started.

Schedule your FREE student placement evaluation below. Call us to request a time not listed.

That’s one step closer to mastery!

Learn as young as four.

Children can start learning to read and do basic math around age four and up.

Remove the school struggle.

Reduce homework stress by solidifying the foundation and filling in any holes and gaps.


Set a comfortable pace.

Your child will progress through the step-by-step curriculum at his or her own speed.

Master beyond grade level.

Without any pressure of grades, your student can tackle new concepts not yet learned in school.

Victor and his team at the Southlake location were great to work with. They are easy to communicate with which is helpful with kids who have ever changing schedules. My child needed some special accommodations and they were happy to support. We used them to bridge the gap during the summer months. Thank you, Victor, Ms. Beverly and team.
Erin Murnighan
Erin Murnighan
Gideon is an awesome tutoring program that has really helped our 9 year old daughter blossom in her reading and math skills! They help create a foundation for a strong study ethic and focus on areas for each child and how they can excel. Highly recommend them!
We love Southlake Math and Reading Center. We started back in 2020 and have come back every summer to help bridge the gap during Summer. All 3 of my kiddos enjoy coming and have learned so much. Thanks Victor and team for such a pleasant experience! 🙂
My kid has been going to Gideon for the last 6 months and has made significant progress in math and reading. The teachers there are very kind and helpful. I highly recommend Southlake math and reading.
akshatha rao
akshatha rao
Our daughter is going to 6th grade and really enjoys Gideon for both math and reading. We accidentally stumbled about Gideon while driving by,but a good decision we will not regret. Although she has been doing great in school, Gideon has helped her hone her skills and keep under the time limit. Instructors were always present to guide and provided assistance as needed. Definitely recommend it. They truly work with the parents to accommodate our schedules and work with what’s best for our kids.
Susan Roy
Susan Roy
Victor and the team are great! The teachers are very attentive and caring. My daughter showed tremendous growth in mental math and is now able to calculate easily and do math that’s above grade level. I highly recommend this place.
Sheela Purohit
Sheela Purohit
My son is with this classes from last 6 months, He progressed was amazing.I highly recommend those, parents who workFor long hours or who can’t catch up with their kids, this people very well take care of that problems.Thanks 🙏🏻
Hemal desai
Hemal desai
Very caring personnel. They worked with our twin boys and helped them improve academically.
Art Baker
Art Baker
Our kids have been at Gideon for 6 months after transitioning from Kumon. Our kids enjoy the Gideon program more than Kumon and we feel like they are mastering the material faster. It’s been a great experience for our family!
Amanda Doran
Amanda Doran
My son has been coming here for over a year now, he has been progressing more than we expect! Communication and rescheduling has been great, owner is very flexible and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure your kid has the schedule time slot. The staff is very friendly and easy to work with! I highly recommend this place.
Joanne Huynh
Joanne Huynh
The owner and team are vested in the success of your kids. My daughter has been going there for a couple of months and even tho it’s a lot of work for her, I can see some improvements in her academics.
Sinyin LUI
Sinyin LUI
Southlake math and reading center is amazing! The staff truly cares about the way my child learns and understands her assignments. I have been bringing my child here since she was in kindergarten she is now in the 3rd grade and thriving ! I believe Southlake math and reading has provided her with the tools she needs to navigate through her academic studies with confidence! Thank you
Regina Gentry
Regina Gentry
I highly recommend this place!
Lesha Patel
Lesha Patel
The staff and their method toward kids are incredibly. I am so happy with them and my child is learning so much very quickly. They feel more confident with their learning!
Nirav Patel
Nirav Patel
Gideon has helped my kids excel in school and to feel comfortable with all new material introduced at school. They feel more confident in their learning and the progress reports are proof of that. Highly recommend using them to supplement the school education.
Maria Gummerson
Maria Gummerson
My kids have attended Southlake Math & Reading for a few years! I’ve noticed a significant difference in their confidence and my daughter even scored mastery on her star exam the first year taking it. Southlake Math & Reading provides a solid foundation to master both reading and math and really sets any kid up for success! I’m always so impressed how fast they go thru math problems and always tell my kids that I wish my parents gave me this same gift! I think of the extra curricular academics as a way to invest in a brighter future, something you truly can put a price on. Also they never fall behind after summer break since we continue all year round. The staff is professional and very knowledgeable, with a 2:1 student to teacher ratio, and know how to engage and make learning fun! The books are in color which makes a difference. The prizes are an added bonus as my kids love going in the center! So glad I found this little gem and would recommend this business to any of my friends!
Good place for kids to build a routine for Math and English subjects. Daily homework and in class guidance provided.
abhilasha dogra
abhilasha dogra
5 stars all the way! The pace of work is perfect and my son has gained a lot of confidence!
To keep structured learning throughout the summer, and to strengthen their math and reading fundamentals, we decided to enroll our two kids into Gideon. The repetitive nature of the learning really helps them both actually learn the material, rather than doing it once or twice, which will inevitably be forgotten, and then moving on without having mastered the lesson. The pride and confidence I've seen in both of them when they truly understand the lessons, warms my heart and I know what they've learned this summer at Gideon will help them successfully navigate the upcoming school year. We plan to continue to go to Gideon when school starts, as we've found the 2-to-1 student teacher ratio is a tremendous benefit to their learning.
Karen Paetzold
Karen Paetzold
Can’t recommend these tutorial services enough! We had a wonderful experience this summer keeping my son on track to start the next school year. Will definitely be returning next summer!
Kenly Fischer
Kenly Fischer
Southlake Math & Reading has been such a blessing for our family. The books move at a speed that keeps the kids confidence up and ensures the kids learn each skill and more importantly that they MASTER each skill. This program has helped both my children succeed and I could not be happier!
Elizabeth Bartz
Elizabeth Bartz

Southlake Math & Reading

Building Confidence Through Mastery
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