With fall around the corner and the school year gearing up, fresh starts are everywhere. Your kids have new classes, new teachers, and new schedules. They may be learning virtually or in a hybrid model. They may need more hands-on help or more time to quietly focus.

While the year may not look like what you anticipated, here are some tips to make the most of your child’s virtual learning experience. Each tip is based on Gideon principles, all of which can be found on our website at gideonmathandreading.com.


1. Use a pencil & paper.

Less screen time is better for everyone, and writing by hand creates better memorization. Setting aside the iPads and computers for some kinesthetic learning will engage more of your child’s senses as they trace numbers, write a sentence, or learn to spell a new word. While it may seem old-fashioned, the benefits of the pencil and paper method are part of what makes Gideon Math & Reading learning programs so effective. You can even throw in Play-Doh, marbles, or magnetic letters to help your child practice and apply what they are learning in fun new ways.


2. Set regular school and homework schedules for your children and stick with them.

While regular school schedules may be postponed, a regular schedule at home will allow your children to maximize the extra time and make excellent strides in math and reading. As the parent, you are in charge. You can encourage your child to focus on school for certain portions of the day, even planning the order in which they complete each subject if you think this structure will help your specific child. Motivate children with periodic breaks throughout the day, including card games, snacks, and time playing outside. You know your child best, and this is the perfect opportunity to customize their school schedule to a routine that best fits their personality and learning style.


3. Remove the school struggle with Gideon’s supplemental learning system.

While learning virtually, the best way to reduce homework stress is to fill in any holes and gaps with Gideon Math & Reading. We work with your student, meeting them where they are in the learning process. Equipping the student with the tools they need to keep learning on their own, Gideon supplements the curriculum they are learning in school. Schedule your FREE placement testing today to see if the Gideon Method is right for you!


Gideon is here to support both students and parents through these weeks of virtual learning. With pencil and paper, routines, and Gideon’s supplemental learning system, your child will not only survive this school year but also thrive in it!