Here are two more of our 10 Secrets to Success!  Here is last week’s post “Just Do It” in case you wanted to review.

4) Be on time and do not be rushed for center visits.  We want to offer you the very best service which includes keeping the student to teacher ratios we promise.  Being late for an appointment may result in a reschedule.  If you are in a rush to leave, your child may not be able to complete all corrections or receive explanation for a new concept.

5) Practice oral facts DAILY by having your student just say the answers from the math drill booklet’s front inside cover.
The best way for your child to make our time standards in math is by practicing the oral fact columns several times a day.  Go down and back up each column.  The goal is listed on the page, usually about 10 seconds each way. This is an excellent warm-up for the written pages.


Why does the speed matter?  While your student may well be able to count out to the correct answer, we are aiming for mastery which is memorization of the four basic operations.  Memorization leads to fluency that is demonstrated through speed.  Just like piano and sports, we practice the basics until they become second nature.  This frees up working memory to concentrate on learning new concepts.  Algebra becomes difficult when the pathway for 8 + 4 = 12 hasn’t been clearly established in the brain.